When learning how to paint a room your first task would be to acquire a few basic skills. Once you have a little more brushing and rolling knowledge the next step is to get your job done.

Getting the job done includes selecting interior paint colors and job-site preparation, which you can find on the how to paint a room page above.

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Last and of course not least is deciding on the room or surface that you would like to try your new found decorating skills on.

Below you will find information regarding interior design how to help for most of the rooms and surfaces of your home.


Before starting a project you need to decide on which room or surface that your going to tackle first. If your intentions are to paint your entire home begin by painting or decorating those areas that people will see the least.

A laundry room, or garage for instance, should be your first choice. Bedrooms are also a good place to start when implementing newly acquired painting or decorating knowledge.

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After your skill level has improved and you feel that you have a better grasp of how to paint a room go ahead and tackle those main living areas.

With that said, there are rooms or surfaces you might want to have a professional do.

Ceilings would be a job that a seasoned Painter could finish faster or safer and stair-wells are another.

Professional painters have more experience with difficult projects and they already own tools that you may end up having to rent.

Since you've checked out the Basics, Interior Color Selection and Job-Site Preparation pages go ahead and click on a few of those links to surfaces, areas or rooms below.


Foyer decorating

The entrance or foyer is the first place in a home that people see. Warm and inviting is the way to go and paint colors should complement each other flowing from room to room.

Ideas decorating a bathroom
Increase the beauty, comfort and value of where you live by re-decorating a bathroom. A refurbished bathroom is considered by most real estate agents to be one of the best returns on your investment when selling your home.

Design idea kitchen
Kitchen remodels also have an “excellent return on investment”. After you have learned how to paint a room or two the kitchen shouldn't be to much of a challenge.

Kitchen painting tends to entail a number of painting and decorating techniques. Cabinets, counter-tops or flooring can all in one way or another be included in your decorating plans.

Living room decorating idea
Living-rooms are usually the largest area in the home. Of course being the biggest can in some cases mean the most difficult to decorate. Unless of course you have a few tips from the living-room decorating ideas page.

Dinning room decorating idea
Research says that the color red in an dinning room can make some people want to eat more. I am not sure about you but if red is going to make me hungry I think I would prefer something a little less appetizing. Otherwise my visiting relatives would never want to leave.

Bedroom design ideas
Choosing a style or theme is the easyest way to decorate the sleeping areas of your home. Interior design how to help for painting and decorating the bedrooms.

Master bedroom expressions
When learning how to paint a room your master bedroom is the place to express yourself. Master bedrooms require colors that build a mood. Examples would be quiet and subtle, tranquil and relaxing or fun and romantic.

Baby nursery idea
Painting the baby's room or nursery should be completed before the little one has been brought home from the hospital. Variations of white along with those good old pastels are excellent choices for the little ones sleeping area.

Boys room decorating
Boys bedroom decorating ideas including choosing colors and theme selection help.

Decorating a girls bedroom
Very much the same as the boys page including help with colors, fixtures and theme selection.

Idea for decorating child room
Before deciding on a kids room decorating idea let your children pick the color or theme on their own. When you do paint the rooms be sure to use child friendly decorating products.

Kids room decorating ideas
Girls bedrooms, boys bedrooms or the baby's room all require your newly found painting and decorating expertise.

Decorating stairwell project
The most difficult project to do when learning how to paint a room is almost always the stairwell. Some stairwell walls can tend to be on the high side and scaffolding or a ladder setup in most cases are needed. I’ll guide you through the process.


Painting interior doors

Some interior doors have a flat non-grooved surface and are easy to roll paint onto. Other types of doors though can tend to be quite a bit more intricate requiring a little more finesse when getting them coated.

Interior window painting
Slider, double hung or sash, there are an assortment of window types to choose from. After your window is selected the kind of material (metal, vinyl, wood) your trying to make the paint stick to must be taken into consideration.

Roller painting the ceilings
Both walls and ceilings should be included in your how to paint a room knowledge. Whether your dealing with a popcorn texture, raw drywall (sheet-rock), splatter or other type of surface, ceilings can be one of the most difficult projects to take on.

Floor painting designs
Thinking of adding a little paint to those areas that get walked on. If so, there's a system or process to follow for doing the job right. Having a proven floor painting procedure insures your coating has a better chance of sticking to the floors and not your feet.

Decorative painting for concrete floors
How to advice regarding the process of decorative painting for concrete floors. One of the most difficult surfaces to have paint stick is your flooring. With that said, your designs need to stay in place.

Ideas for painting paneling
One of the first surfaces you might end up painting, when learning how to paint a room, could be some type of be wall paneling. Painted paneling has a far superior look than non-painted panel board. In fact, after you paint your paneling you will notice how the room tends to look more rich, elegant and modern.

How to paint a brick fireplace
A fireplace, in almost all cases, is the focal point of any room. Adding color to a fireplace can change the theme or style of the area your in, along with giving you inspiration for decorating the rest of your home.

Decorating stair risers
Painting the steps on a stairway is one of those projects that requires a plan of attack. Your job needs to be done efficiently and in as quick a manner as possible.

Painting technique for furniture
After you know how to paint a room, you might want to coordinate the furniture pieces with the room itself. One way of doing so is by adding some color or design techniques to the furniture.

Painting Formica
It is possible to paint counter tops or other surfaces that are covered in formica. Before accomplishing such a task though, proper techniques and procedures along with a few rules need to be followed.

Painting Arborite
Painting arborite requires the proper products and procedures to get the job done right. Step by step how to instructions just for you.

Painting a wood banister
Painting a banister (or hand rail) is one of my favorite jobs to complete. People tend to use a brush for banister painting even though brushing a banister can make the job last an unnecessarily long time. The banister page will show you faster and easier ways to get those spindles coated.

Kitchen cabinet painting ideas
The only way one should start painting kitchen cabinets or cupboards, in my opinion anyways, is while the doors are still on. Cabinets also require a paint system or sequence of steps to follow for the best results.

Painting kitchen cupboards
Of course, when it comes to how to paint a room advice painting kitchen cupboards would definitely need to be considered.

Clear Coating baseboard or wood trim
Clear coating wood-work is the process of applying a clear durable product over-top of raw or stained wood. Due to there being a number of clear coats to choose from, deciding on what product to use, along with the application procedure to follow, can prove to be a difficult task.

Stain & Coat unfinished cabinet doors/trim
Step by step how to advice for staining and clear coating unfinished cabinet doors, stiles, rails, panels and kicks.

Clear-coating unfinished kitchen cabinet sets
Instructions for choosing clear coat and how to advice pertaining to brushing or spraying it on.

Painting and priming MDF
MDF or medium density fiber board tends to paint up nicely. MDF does have its own special problems though. Of course most of the problems that MDF has, arises when your priming and painting it.

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