How to repair cracks in my ceiling

I have cracks in my ceiling that re-appear even after I have fixed them. I was told there was a glue you apply first that holds it together. What's your advice.

Repairing ceiling cracks depends entirely on the type or surface and the size of cracks that your dealing with.

Since the cracks keep coming back the recommend process is to use a drywall tape. After taping you would then apply three or more coats of drywall compound.

You would of course need to remove any texture from the ceiling prior to taping/mudding. Keep in mind too that it's almost impossible to make a texture repair seamless.

You can use a drywall adhesive as long as the crack is very clean of debris and you keep the glue below the surface. The glue must also attach completely to both sides of the crack.

Once the glue drys you might then need to apply a spackling compound over-top of the glue. Textured ceilings would in most cases need to be removed before gluing.

This texturing page should help you remove your ceiling texture along with learning about other drywalling and texturing techniques.


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