How to paint Terazzo flooring

by Paula

I would like some info on painting Terazzo floors and top coating it, basic step by step how to do and best products to buy for this on a budget if possible, otherwise can you give me the how to, step by step?

Thank You.

Hi Paula,

Applying a two component epoxy, polyurethane system to your Terazzo flooring would, in my opinion, be your best choice for durability. It's not cheap though.

Furthermore, the process for epoxy application on an interior floor should (in most cases) be done by a reputable highly experienced professional.

One main reason for hiring a pro is the pro can actually have a look at the flooring and then decide on the best paint system (and products) required for the job at hand.

Even so, here's your step by step instructions. Be sure to prep the room as per removing furniture items and then cover, plastic, mask, or tape off walls and other surfaces as needed.

You will need to buy a commercial paint tray along with a sash brush and roller cover (ones that are recommended for epoxy coatings). The tray and roller/cover should be at least "18 inch wide.

1.) Your flooring must be exceptionally clean prior to coating. Depending on your floor an acid etching or dry prep (soda or sand blasting etc.) may be required.

2.) Once the floor has been cleaned the cleaning material (or acid film etc.) must be entirely and completely rinsed away or removed.

3.) Cracks (in the joints etc.) should be caulked or filled at this point.

4.) An epoxy primer coat may now be cut in (edged) and rolled onto your floors (depending on the type and condition of Terazzo flooring being painted).

5.) After the primer dries cracks may be visible in the floor. Fill the cracks, (caulk joints) let dry then fill again if necessary. Sand the filler flush and level to the floor, throughly remove the dust and re-prime your repairs.

6.) You can know apply a colored polyurethane finish (or two). Chips or flakes can be sprinkled on at this point too (depending on the coating being used).

7.) Once the final coat of polyurethane has dried a top application of polyaspartic is recommended so that your newly painted flooring has a top coating that is stable to UV light and will not yellow over time.

All tools mentioned above can be rented from an equipment rental agency. You can also get recommendations for quality products and materials from a paint retailer that specializes in selling paints and coatings. A paint retailer may also recommend a totally different system (to the one I mentioned above) for your particular floor.

Be sure to follow all instructions and labels in regards to materials, coatings and tool or equipment etc.


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