How to paint a mahogany entry door

by kenny
(savannah ga)


My wife would like to paint the front door red it is a mahogany door. she wants only the outside painted and the inside will stay the same as is now.

How can I go about doing this and also what paint to use for this job.

Hi Kenny,

It depends on the door so I will make a few assumptions.

1.) Remove any hardware (knob etc.) on the door including the sweep if it has one (bottom of door). Leave the hinges on.

2.) Scrape away any chipped, flaking, or pealed coating that the door may have.

3.) Tape the edge of the door, with blue scotch brand painters tape, positioning the tape where you want your paint edge to be.

Press the tape down firm and make sure that the tapes edge is nice and strait so that your paint is strait when you remove the tape.

Be sure to tape over any hinges, the latch or glass panes.

4.) You can now use paint-able caulk and filler to repair cracks, holes or divots.

Let your repairs dry then re-fill if necessary.

5.) Sand your repairs level and flush to the door as needed.

You can now sand the rest of the door out to remove any shininess the doors finish may have. Try not to sand the tape.

Use an electric palm sander if you like but a medium sponge sander tends to work best.

6.) Prime the door with an exterior primer. Use a good quality 2-1/2" sash brush to do so.

I like to use the brush to brush the molded angles first and then I will use a small, low nap (not fluffy or thick) roller/cover to roll the flat surfaces of the door.

If the door is flat and does not have inset (or outset) moldings or panes then I will use a larger roller/cover to roll the entire door.

7.) Once the primer is dry you can refill holes and cracks etc. (that you may now see) if needed. let dry, then re-prime your repairs.

8.) You can now paint you door red in the same fashion as priming. Be sure to use a good high quality exterior paint.

When you buy your red paint I would recommend one that has a primer in it. The added primer helps the paint stick better and has good coverage which is needed when painting deep or darker colors.

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