How to paint a HD MDF floor with high traffic?

by Daniel Lachapelle
(Montreal, Quebec)

I built a mezzanine in my back warehouse and I installed HD MDF panel for the floor. I will be moving metal parts around and I need to have a solid finish paint. I was told that if I use Epoxy paint it may crack as the floor may move.

I want to use an oil-based primer with an oil-based floor paint.

Is this the best solution and what brand would you recommend.

Thank you


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Jan 06, 2016

by: Shawn

Hi Daniel,

Epoxy is by far the best product for high traffic areas. It does have its issues including difficulty in application and the possibility of cracking or fading etc. Epoxy, by far, last the longest though. A regular floor paint can do the job but likely won't last longer than a couple years mostly due to staining, scratching or scuffing along with the possibility of pealing.

Brand really doesn't matter as long as its a high quality primer and paint being used. Proper preparation of the surface prior to priming and painting or coating would be your biggest priority.

In almost all cases, if you want your floor to look good for a number of years, your best bet would be to lay down a high quality type vinyl or tile floor covering. Otherwise using an epoxy would be my recommendation. If you have never used an epoxy paint before it would be best to apply it to a test surface first or hire a professional that has experience in applying epoxies to the type of surface that you are coating.

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