how do I remove "butcher paper" wallpaper?

by Pamela

I didn't think about mildew when I used a butcher paper technique on my wall (torn pieces of butcher paper dipped in wall-paper paste).

Now I need to remove it but I don't know how.

Any suggestions????

Hi Pamela,

Since you used wallpaper paste removing it in the same manner as removing wallpaper might work.

Because the butcher paper is torn into pieces though (and it is just paper) it might prove to be a challenge to remove.

If the whole process seems daunting you could try priming then painting the paper with a mold resistant primer and paint.

This wallpaper page should help with either painting or removal of the butcher paper itself.

If you find that you cannot remove the paper or after painting you end up with a mold (or mildew) issue anyways then you'll have to replace the moldy drywall with new stuff.

Here's the drywall how to page for those who find they might need it.


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