How do I paint stained paneling

by Diana

I rented a duplex to a couple who thought that the decorative masonite paneling in the 2 bedrooms was actually wallpaper ... but it was paneling that my husband and I installed when we'd lived there years before they moved in.

They recently moved and to my shock, I found when I inspected the duplex that they had mistaken the paneling for wallpaper and actually strayed the paneling with some type of chemical removal stray and tried to remove the decorative paper portion of the panels with very little luck.

Every panel has turned a dull yellowish bile-looking color that is gastly. What would be my next best step ... remove and replace the paneling or paint? If it's paint it, what type of treatment would be best and should I leave this to a professonal?

Thank you for any help you can give me. I'm
so discouraged.

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Aug 25, 2010
Painting over stained paneling
by: Shawn the painter

Hi Diana,

If the surface has been scratched, is marred or bumpy and no longer uniform to the touch you might need to remove the paneling and replace it.

On the other hand, a surface that still feels and looks the same (other than the yellowing) as when it was new, is fixable. Just apply a high grade stain blocking primer. Be sure to use a primer that's made to stick to any type of surface (ask your local paint supplier for assistance).

I have yet to see a good stain blocker that didn't work, especialy if you applying multiple coats of the blocker. With that said not knowing what was sprayed on the paneling could prove me wrong.

For uniformity, when using a stain blocker, coat the entire surface not just where the stains are.
After the primer is dry, fill the holes, sand, spot prime where you filled then apply two coats of the paint of your choice.

Having a painter do the painting would probably cost more than you replacing the paneling itself. If you would like to have a processional do the job, you should get a better deal by having him or her fix the paneling problem along with painting the rest of the apartment.

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