How do I make a template
for a Mural on my walls

by Jenn

I am painting my son's room in a baseball theme. I have found on the internet a mural of a baseball scoreboard that we both just love.

Unfortunately, I don't have the extra money to spend on the mural but I am confident I can recreate it myself by painting it. The question I have is, what is the best technique, trick, or way to make curved lines.

I am going to tape the general shape of the scoreboard, paint it and then remove the tape and fill in the outlines. The top of the design that we like is curved.

I guess my question is.....What is the best way to create a "template" for the curved portion of the scoreboard.

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for a Mural on my walls

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Sep 05, 2010
How to paint a mural on your walls
by: Shawn the painter

Hi Jen,

You could use a push tack, a string and a pencil. Tie the string to the pencil in a fashion that the pencil can rotate freely. Tie the other end of the string to the push tack, this end must also move freely.

Tape a piece of bristol or poster board onto a surface that you can securely attach the push tack to. Push the tack into the centre (or wherever works best for you) of the poster or bristol board.

Your now ready to make circles by gently using the push tack, string and pencil as a pivot.

After you have created your circles you can then cut out your template with scissors.

If it's easier, you could also disregard the template and draw your circles right onto the wall itself. Just remember to use a small amount of paintable filler (I like caulking) to fill the hole thats left behind by the push tack.

Another way to do the entire mural would be to borrow an overhead projector (or some type of wall projection device) from a school, business or church. You could trace the mural onto projection paper then project the mural onto the wall then trace the wall projection.

Another option could be to go to a paint store or place that sells automotive painting supplies. Paint suppliers usually sell thin (width) painters tape. Said tapes are about 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch wide. A tape that is thinner in width is easier to turn, will bend more and maneuver into place better than regular tape.

Once your thinner tape is in place, you might want to tape wider tape onto the thinner tape. Doing so will make the process of staying inside the lines that much easyer.

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