An assorted number of home painting ideas can be found to enhance the look of your home. Techniques such as faux finishing or wall striping along with other types of decorative finishes can all add a unique look to all of your interior surfaces.

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Surprisingly, when it comes to interior design, paint is the most economical way for a person to express their artistic abilities. In fact, more expensive wall decor techniques like wallpapering or mural application can both be accomplished with the help of a little paint.

Faux finishing:
Applying a faux finish is the process of using paint to add a decorative look to your surfaces. By using a faux painting technique different finishes like marbling, leather or multi colored splatters can be accomplished with the help of the proper tool.

Wall striping:
Wall striping uses different colors of paint or paint sheens along with painters tape and the process of rolling the paint on over top of the tape. After the tape is removed your walls look like a very expensive striped wallpaper.

Color blocking:
Color blocking is very much the same as wall striping but instead of adding strips your creating geometric shapes onto your walls using painters tape and paint.

Feature walls:
One of the easiest home painting ideas to implement is to select a wall that will have a complementary color (usually darker) to its adjacent walls.

Choosing the feature wall tends to be an issue though. To do so I would recommend a few considerations. First up would be that your feature wall should be visible as soon as you enter the room. Large windows also enhance feature wall colors along with permanent fixtures like a fireplace.

The easiest way to apply a mural is to buy one. In fact, there are now wallpaper companies that will enlarge photographs to your walls size (ask your paint retailer).

Another option would be to project a picture (you can rent the projector from a rental store) onto the wall then trace it. Once traced paint it up.

Otherwise, if you have some drawing or painting talent then go ahead and use a wall as your canvas.

Venetian plaster:
Venetian plaster (from a home improvement retailer) is a colored mud that can be use to add some texture to your walls. Troweling on plaster that's a complementary color to your paint color will give your walls that unique look that your going for.

You could also paint over your plastered wall choosing instead to have a one colored bumpy look on your featured walls.

There are a number of wall texturing techniques to choose from. Most of which can be applied to a surface then painted with your selected paint color/s.

Home painting ideas can come from a number of different places. When trying to to kick start your decorating abilities do so by thinking outside of the box. Use magazines, books and the Internet of course, but change it up somewhat by going to new home open houses or show homes.

Furniture stores also constantly change the color of movable walls to help stage their furniture.

Another place to check out would be craft stores and places that display wall art or poetry.

New retailers or restaurateurs in your neighborhood tend to use modern colors and techniques and are also great places for home painting ideas.

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