Try to keep your foyer decorating style warm and inviting, as your entrance is the first and last area of a home that a person usually sees.

With an inviting style guests will be impressed with your design skills and painting techniques.

Some of the information on the following page consists of foyer decorating advice including which painting products to use, how to do a border application, types of furniture to choose and proper lighting for the area itself.

With a little luck and some help from below you should be able to find at least one bit of information that you didn't know before.

Foyer paint colors are of course the first interior colors that your visitors will sees. Since your foyer colors are the first to be seen a foyer should complement all of the other tones, hues and shades in your home.

Any paint product you choose has to be durable and have scrubbability. Also, a paint sheen that's somewhat shiny will give the painted surface protection from scuff marks.

Almost any type of border will work well for a foyer decorating project, especially if your trying to divide taller walls or when combined with wallpaper to lengthen shorter ones.

A wallpaper border applyed to an entrance can also be used as a color palate for the rest of the home. Use the colors in the wallpaper borders design to select your paint, buy flooring or choose furniture.

When deciding on a decorating scheme keep your design objective in mind. The foyer area, is the perfect place to give visitors an idea as to the rest of your home.

Along with warm and inviting, you will need to keep design principles in mind such as wall height.

Do the walls need to look higher, shorter or longer. Is the area large and bare. Are surfaces old and marred. Once you have a plan, idea or theme, the decorating will be an easier task.

The choice of furniture for your foyer decorating depends on size of the entrance and the style or theme used for the rest of the home.

Some items to choose from include a bench, hallstand, coat rack, chairs and grand father clock.

Using pictures in your entrance is an excellent idea and gives a wall height and easily fills bare areas. Mirrors are another often used item, along with a plants, collectibles and a place for your keys.

When foyer decorating good lighting is necessary and in most cases bigger type fixtures work well to play down a larger ceiling area. Smaller lights or scones can be implemented but for safety reasons be sure they give off good lighting.

Fabric for windows, throw rugs or tapestries, should compliment your decorating style and blend with the selected wall tones. Table runners, cloth doilies (or doilies) and covers, also work well. Especially when using antique furniture items as a design theme for the room.

Umbrellas, keys, coats and shoes, need designated areas, otherwise your entrance becomes cluttered and messy. Use storage items that are practical and work well with your decorating plans.

Your foyer is a great place to decorate for holidays. It’s the area every one sees and lends itself well for all seasons. Use the internet and your local library for numerous amounts of ideas insperation and themes.

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