Faux finishing an exterior wood deck

by Dawn

I like the look of concrete etching and acid washed concrete.

Can such a look be created on a wood deck and with what products.

Hi Dawn,

I'm thinking your referring to acid staining as oppose to washing or etching. Both of which (washing and etching) are process usually used to clean concrete prior to painting or staining it.

The only way to get the same affect on your deck as the concrete staining process would be to do a faux finish.

Most types of wall faux finishing would work on your deck.

You could use either solid colored stains or paints in combination with a glaze to get the look that your going for.

Once done, cover your handy work with a long lasting exterior sealer or clear coat.

Keep in mind though that if you get more than a couple of years out of the walking surfaces of a stained or painted deck then your doing well.


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