Faux finishing a deck (with wood grain)

by Joni

We want to restore our exterior deck and love the faux wood finish.

We have sanded the deck and applied a primer over the previous solid stain paint. We want to now use the wood faux finish to apply so our deck will look like the original wood.

Is this possible. Thank you for any advice you might offer.

Hi Joni,

It is possible to apply a faux finish to your deck.

Do keep in mind though that the paint on most decks does not stand up very well due to environmental conditions and of course being walked on etc. Another issue is the amount of time that a faux can take. Of course the length of the project would depend on the size of your deck.

With all of that said the process for fauxing a wood finish follows below. Prior to starting you will need this wood graining tool, assorted stiff round and flat artist brushes, a staining brush that's the width of your deck boards, flat exterior paint that's in a light brown wood color, a darker complimentary wood color paint, and glaze. You will also need any other painting tools that you regularly use (brush, tray, roller etc).

1.) Apply your lighter brown paint over your primed surface. I would use a brush to cut (or edge with first, between boards etc.) then I would roll each individual board using a roller/cover (on an extension handle) that's about the same width as my deck board.

2.) Next mix your glaze and darker brown paint together. Follow the glazes label instruction as per mixing.

3.) Dip your wide staining brush into your glaze mixture and drag the glaze in one direction the length of the board. Don't apply it to thick or to thin.

4.) Now, using the wood graining tool, apply the grain by slowly rocking the tool through the wet glaze.

5.) With the help of your artist brushes and the glaze you can add some extra wood looking details.

6.) As a final touch drag the wide stain brush through the glaze once again to smooth out the look.

7.) Proceed to the next board.

Once your graining is dry apply two coats of clear exterior sealer.

Prior to doing any of the above you will want to do a good amount of practicing first. Also, your paint dealer will help you decide on the best products and materials to use. If your looking for more detail and pictures of the wood fauxing process (among other finishes) this book should help you out.


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