Exterior paint ideas and projects can require specific techniques entailing an assortment of surface's for you to contend with.

contractor painting exterior window

From painting stucco type siding, choosing exterior colors or coating asphalt driveways.

By using a little internet, book store or library help, along with practicing on your projects, you should be able to easily get those exterior jobs looking like they where done by a skilled professional.

Information that follows has links to pages on this and other usefull sites which hopefully will assist you with completing all of your exterior tasks at hand.


Exterior paint colors

Selecting tones, hues and shades for the outside of your home. How to tips when choosing exterior paint colors.

Exterior painting
How to tips for exterior painting including the best coatings to use depending on the job at hand.

Painting a stucco house and porous surfaces
Stucco, brick, pardging and cinder block are examples of a porous surface. If you have a sponge-like facade on or around your home then use this page to assist you with advice regarding tools, application and product use.

Painting aluminim and other siding
All types of siding can be easily painted. Whether its wood, metal or vinyl. Heres how to get the largest surface area of your house coated with stain or paint.

How to paint siding
How to paint siding including advice for clear-coating or staining all types of exterior siding products.

Deck coating review
Decking is by far one of the most difficult surfaces to have a coating stick to. There are some products that will last longer than others. Durability does require the deck to be prepared properly in the first place though.

Paint for a front door
Are you brushing, rolling or spraying your exterior entrance way. Would you like some advise on color, product and application procedures.

Painting metal, vinyl, and wood doors
Your doors can be created from a number of different materials. From metal, vinyl, fiberglass and wood. Be sure to use the best coating product for the job at hand.

How to paint window trim
One of the first exterior paint ideas you have should involve your window trim. Preperation is the key when it comes to getting the job done right.

How to stain a deck
Deck staining consists of choosing colors and products along with using the proper procedures and tools for the job at hand.

Painting chain link and other type fences
Wonder why a professional contractor charges so much money to paint a fence. Well, the answer would be that most fences require a huge amount of prep work. Stain blocking, cleaning, and scraping are just a few examples.

Furthermore, fence painting, for the most part, can be one of those boring from start to finish kind of jobs.

Painting concrete floors
Garage floors, basements and the pardging around your home. Be sure to use recomended materials and the best procedures when the work involves concrete.

Asphalt coating
You don't actually paint your asphalt but you can re-coat it. Keep in mind to that your asphalt might require repairs prior to re-coating it.

Painting soffit fascia and gutters
If your soffit, fascia, gutters and down spouts (eavestrough/drains) need coating, be sure to use the type of primer that's suggested for the surface being painted.

Painting vinyl shutters
Painting vinyl shutters requires good preparation, along with using the correct products and application techniques.

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