Epoxy paints have been used by the coating industry for years, mostly on commercial or industrial projects.

Surfaces that are painted with an epoxy coating tend to resist chemical spills and will also withstand the rigors of constant sweeping, scrubbing and washing.

Due to epoxy paints durability more home owners are utilizing epoxies for garage floors and other high traffic surfaces.

Garages and basements are in most cases the areas of a home that will receive an epoxy coating, usually in the form of floor paints.

Where basements are concerned, epoxy products will leave beautiful and easily cleaned surfaces.

Epoxied garage substrates, on the other hand, can prevent stains left behind by leaking vehicles and in most cases will withstand just about any type of abuse you can throw at them.

Epoxy coatings have no toxicity when dry, are durable, cost effective and come in a number of different colors. Epoxies also have excellent adhesion properties, don't rust, resist high temperatures and can tend to shed the gruelling effects of salts and acids.

Epoxy products do have their disadvantages though, they cost more, can't be applied to a damp surface, (including, water, oil, grease and brake fluid spills etc.) and are toxic during application. Epoxies are also difficult to remove and non-waterborne epoxy paints do not hold up well on exterior applications.

When buying epoxy products be sure to talk to a knowledgeable dealer prior to making your purchase. Epoxies come in a number of different formulations, that which is the most durable is also the most toxic.

The most durable epoxy coatings, are also the most expensive and not recommended for average home owners.

Certain other epoxies like powder coatings require speciality tools for application. Your local paint supplier will help you find the best product in relationship to the job at hand.

Epoxy coating is definitely a do it yourself project but requires proper ventilation, along with the use of some specialized safety equipment. A respirator, chemical resistant gloves and the right shoes, plus a good set of heavy clothing or coveralls are a must have when applying epoxy paints.


The average home owner will find that medium priced epoxy coatings will, in most cases, fit their needs. Just be sure that all surface being painted are properly cleaned or prepared and a top quality product used.

Applying a sealer over your epoxy coating is also highly recommended.

Local paint and industrial coating dealers are an invaluable resource when it comes to epoxy products.


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