Doing an Internet search for Electrician Los Angeles can be a daunting task. On-line searching for Electricians in the Los Angles area will bring back an enormous list of tradespeople to choose from.

Fixing such a problem requires a smaller selection of contractors to critique along with the knowledge to choose the best electrician for the job at hand.

As a painting contractor who's been in the trades for over twenty years I've picked up a few tricks for selecting tradespeople to work on my own home.

By using a few of the tips that follow your task of finding an "Electrician Los Angeles" should be that much easier and of course less time consuming.

You'll want to start with the names of at least three to five contractors. Also, when you use the information below and go to another website it will open in a new window.

What I mean is, as you check the links below this page will still be here.


  1. First up, if you've hired a tradesman for other jobs in the past, a painting contractor as an example or plumber and you were happy with their work then ask him or her for a couple of Electrician Los Angeles recommendations.

  2. Good contractors tend to know other tradespersons that do quality work. Home builders who construct well built homes will only hire good contractors and since tradespeople have to work in the same house together they tend to get to know each other.

  3. For those who don't have a contractor to ask, friends or family members are also a good place to start. Brothers, sisters, neighbors or even an aunt might be able to put you in touch with just the right electrician Los Angeles that you're looking for. Suppliers of lighting and electrical products could also help with the business names of two or three quality tradspeople.

  4. Another way to find Electrician Los Angeles information is to go to Google Maps and key in "Electrician Los Angeles" followed by the word "near" then your address.

    As an example {Electricians near Fountain Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States" will bring back a list of electricians in the Los Angeles area}. Looking to the left of the Google Maps page will show the contractors info and red balloons (with letters on them) situated on the map to the right indicates how far they live from you. Clicking the red balloons or blue links will give you phone numbers, websites and the business address of each electrician Los Angeles that's closest to you.

    Using Google Maps to check on the company names of electricians that you were given from other contractors, family or friends will, if for no other reason, supply you with a business locations and the contractors website link.

  5. Now check the "Electrician Los Angeles" websites. You will want to send them an email asking, prior to hiring, if they would supply you with references, proof of bonding (if needed), insurance including injury (workers comp) and liability, along with the legally required electricians license. At this stage if your particular job looks like it will take a day or less then go ahead and hire one of the electricians who responded to your email. Do read the summary below before doing so though.

  6. On the other-hand if you're doing a bigger size job contact the Electrician Los Angeles who responded to your email confirming that they would supply you with the requested documentation.

    Choose at least three of them to give you a written quote (quotes are better than estimates). Make sure that each contractor bids on the exact same job; apples to apples as they say. What I mean is, if you need to add something to the quote let the electricians who have already quoted on the job know that there are extras and you will want to know what the cost of those extras will be.

    Get all bids for extras in writing. Setting up a time for your quote should also be done on the phone. Using the phone will help you judge the type of service to expect from the business you're dealing with.

  7. After you have three or more "Electrician Los Angeles" quotes, compare them. Don't just look at the price. Make sure the bids are the same and included work to be done along with the specific fixture/s and materials supplied.

    If you like a certain contractor but he is higher in price than the others ask for a price match. Just be sure to give the electrician you like the other guys written quote, that way he can make sure they are both bidding on similar jobs. When the contractor you like won't come down in price it's always best to go with your gut feeling, even if your gut feeling cost you extra to do so. Of course gut feelings that say you're not paying the extra would need you to go with the electrician that's cheaper.

  8. Once you have finished your "Electrician Los Angeles" search process, phone those selected and let them know you're considering them for the job but need to see the documentation you requested in your first email to them. Check all their paperwork, especially the dates.

    Phone the references. When you do phone the references questions to ask include; how well the contractors communicated, were they the customer satisfied with the work done, did the contractor show up on time, was the job on schedule, did the work area get cleaned at days end, was the quoted price the completed job cost.

  9. Now that you have paperwork on the electricians being considered you will need to check them out thoroughly. Start with State Licence Board or California Department of Insurance.

    Next up, would be the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will tell you if there are any complaints against them. A complaint or two is fine, as long as the contractor has tried to rectify any problems they might have. A number of complaints would, of course, be a warning sign to stay away from that particular electrician.

    Checking Los Angeles Consumer Affairs for info links is also a good plan along with the Workers Compensation Company Search.

  10. Googling the business names of the contractors that you're considering is also a good idea. You would be surprised at how many bloggers and web site owners who will write about a good or bad experience they may have had with a particular contractor.

  11. If the documentation looks good go ahead and hire the Electrician you feel the most comfortable working with and set up a time to get the job done.


Not all good tradespeople in are on the web. Most are though. You want to hire a professional so a website is just one of the signs of a pro. Even if your contractor dosen't have a website it's still a good idea to check them out doing your "Electrician Los Angeles" searchs and to ask for references during the hiring process.

Proof of insurance and workers comp, along with having a business licence is a must. Asking how long your electrician has been in business is also very important. Find out if the person doing the quote will also be doing the work. If some one else is doing the job you might want to meet that person prior to putting your name on the dotted line.

Have a written start and stop date. Be flexible though. Never pay cash and keep an eye on the work being done. You want to be able to quickly rectify problems before or immediatly after they occur.

Schedule payments according to stages of work completed and don't make the final payment until you're satisfied with the finished project. If you're not happy with the work report them to the proper agencies and get legal advice if necessary.

Keep in mind that a contractor can put a lien on your property for non-payment. What that means is, your creditors will know that you have an outstanding bill and you can't sell your property until the lien is removed.

Read, thoroughly, everything you're asked to sign. Verbal agreements are worthless, have everything in writing and require a signature for all work and materials over and above the quote. A quote is better than an estimate. An estimate is exactly what the word means. A quote on the other hand is the actual job cost and all extras would need signing off by you.

Some contractors will finance your job but check terms and interest rates prior to signing. Ask for a warranty and last but not least, never believe the statement; I don't need a building permit. You want them to get the permits and have them prove they did. It's not your job to acquire the proper permit and licenses for the project you are hiring them for.

If you're not comfortable with the person you're thinking of hiring, even in the slightest way, go with your gut reaction .

Keep in mind that you shouldn't feel pressured to hire anyone. In California you also have a specified amount of time to cancel your signed contract (three days) as long as you make your cancellation in writing.

Another thing to keep in mind is California has a maximum down payment law of $1000.00 dollars or 10% of the job, whichever is less.

The above information I have given can easily change so call or visit the websites of your local government agency. Doing so will give you the exact information regarding what an "Electrician Los Angeles" needs to do to work legally in the state and the laws they are required to follow.

If you do feel you're getting (or got) ripped off be sure to report them to the proper agency. Here are a couple more links to check out the Federal Trade Commision along with California Consumer Complaints.

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