Drywalling how to tips and techniques follow on this page and should hopefully help with all of your drywalling (or sheetrocking) questions.

drywalling how to tips

Drywaller’s do a number of procedures including repairing a drywall surface, attaching drywall board, mudding the board after it's hung and applying texturing techniques to both the ceilings and the walls.

Below you will find pages on this site that should help you complete almost any type of drywalling task.

Some of the page links that follow consist of hanging drywall board, repairing holes, selecting the proper tools for the job at hand and a wet sanding technique etc.

Drywalling tools

Drywaller’s use an assortment of tools to complete a project. From machines for lifting the board to an assortment of mudding knifes and electric cutters.

Drywall mud & other fillers
Drywalling how to tips regarding the different types of drywall (sheetrock) mud and other hole, crack or joint fillers.

Sheetrock or drywall compound & fillers
Advice regarding sheetrock or drywall compound and other types of interior/exterior DIY surface fillers.

Fixing small drywall holes
Every once and a while you'll have to repair a door knob size hole (or smaller) in your drywall board.

Fixing large drywall holes
Patching larger drywall holes is a little more difficult than repairing the smaller one.

Hanging drywall ceiling board
Attaching drywall board (or sheetrock) to the ceilings is somewhat different than screwing (nailing) the board to your walls.

Hanging drywall board for walls
Drywaller’s call the process of hanging drywall boarding and tradespeople who do the boarding are the Boarders.

Taping and mudding a room
Tapers and Mudders are Drywaller’s who apply a specialized drywall tape and mud onto the drywall board. Tapping and mudding is the most difficult drywalling procedure and requires a certain amount of knowledge or skill.

How to wet sand drywall
Wet sanding is a technique used when the home owner is sensitive to drywall dust.

Wall texturing techniques
Links to pictures and advise regarding the different types of wall texturing techniques.

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