Drywalling over paneling.

I was wondering if I could put drywall over top of paneling?

It would depend on how secure the paneling is, whether you need to insulate behind the paneling or if there is an unforeseen mold, mildew or other type of issue hidden by the paneling itself.

Keep in mind too that the building code in your area may also require that you remove the paneling prior to drywalling.

Properly attaching the drywall to the studs behind the paneling could also be a problem if the studs are not properly spaced.

Not knowing where the plumbing or electrical is situated is another problem to take into consideration. All it takes is one miss-directed drywall screw or nail to cause a water leak or an electrical issue.

Is it possible? The answer is yes. Is it recommended to do so? The answer is no.

With that said you will have to do what works best for your particular situation.


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