A good many homes built today combine both your kitchen scheme and dining room decorating idea.

Dinning rooms that are a separate room from the kitchen look best when an assortment of design elements are combined to create the look your wanting.

Adding a decorative finish to your walls either with paint, wallpaper, or wainscoting will definitely enhance the rooms style.

Fabric selection and of course proper lighting along with a holiday knick knack or two should also give you some extra ideas for getting your project completed.

Below you should be able to find a dinning room decorating idea or two.

If your dining room decorating idea involves painting, it's best to use an eggshell or a satin sheen. Color on the other hand is entirely up to the home owner. The drapes, rugs or chair fabric are an excellent guide when selecting wall colors.

A dining room is also the perfect place to try different tone, shade or hue combinations. Walls that are painted complementary upper and lower colors, then separated by a chair rail, look elegant and well designed.

Once the walls are coated with a base coat, try applying a faux or use crown molding and chair rails with your dinning room decorating idea or design.

Adding a border will create dimension to the area, especially when combined with wallpaper or a decorative techniques like color blocking, sheen striping or other type of decorative wall finish.

Tying in design colors to the rest of your dining room decorating idea can be accomplished by utilizing complementary fabric colors for drapes, table cloths, placemats and chair slips etc.

Include some pictures or tapestries that implement your wall colors. Use collectables or accessories to complement your dinning rooms style or theme.

If you find a centerpiece to be a little boring during the holidays try adding a few extras. Tablecloths, placemats and napkins can usually be purchased at dollar stores.

If you'd like to go a little further with your dining room decorating idea add some knickknacks, festive curtains and floor mats. Most seasonal decorating items can be purchased or made for each specific holiday.

A dimmer switch is a good way to create mood and can be used for general purpose lighting. Candles and holders are also an excellent added accessories for a formal dining room decorating idea.

Tables, chairs, cabinets and hutches etc. should all follow a design theme or style. By doing so the room will flow together with ease.

Having a piece of furniture that has no relation to others items will usually make the dinning room look out of balance and unpleasing to the eye.


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