The most important design dining room tip would be to focus on feature items that are (or will be) in the room. As an example, a dining room table or even the fireplace are items that one can draw inspiration from.

Once you have selected something to build the room around it becomes that much easier to implement your specific decorating ideas.

Below you will find a few how to tips to help get your design dining room project started.


To make the process a little easier I've started my suggestions at the ceiling and worked my way down to the floor. Each idea should help simplify your own inner decorating skills.

  1. Depending on the style of your home there are a number of textures that you can use on your dining room ceiling (or walls for that matter). If your furniture is big and bold then a more elaborate ceiling texture might be in order. A more minimalist look of course would result in little or no texture on your ceilings at all.

  2. Your lighting represent who you are it also needs to work well with the woodwork or trim in the room. When considering the woodwork remember to include your table/chairs, cabinetry and doors etc.

  3. Molding either as a crown around the room or above doors and windows tends to flow extremely well in a dining room. Another idea is to use medallions to encircle your lighting or you could also replace older wood trim (and doors) with a newer more modern look. Even so, no matter what your refurbishing may be, new items should coordinate with pieces that won't be removed from the room (a dining room table or fireplace for example).

  4. Window coverings are excellent items to build your room around as you can use the colors in drapes as a palette for your complementary wall or trim colors. Keep in mind though that heavier fabrics or materials can be used in large rooms while lighter fabric etc., are best suited for smaller rooms.

  5. Choose paint colors from items that are in the room or will be place there once the room is decorated (artwork for example). This color page will give you more advice on the best way to select colors in relation to the project being done.

  6. From applying a border to covering the entire room wallpaper is a great decorative item to pull color schemes or room themes from. Keep in mind though that wallpaper is a bold statement and can cost quite a bit more than just painting the room.

  7. Flooring is, in most cases, the area that is most neglected when implementing a design dining room idea. It is in my opinion one of the most important items to consider though. Whether your putting in new flooring or using the old hardwood be sure to consider the floors color and style when choosing paint colors, your furniture, artwork or an area rug etc.

There are a number of ways to get inspiration for your design dining room project including reading a highly recommended decorating book or if you prefer using software.

On the other hand, how about another dining room decorating page or maybe a couple of dining room pictures will help you out

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