Finding decorating ideas for a small bedroom can at times be challenging.

With that said, for some people due to choice convenience or economics small areas are where they choose to hang their hat.

By using a little help from below, other web sites, the library and book stores you will have one of the most stylish and elegant small abodes around.

Places to consider for inspiration would be furniture stores and other type retail environments that sell home furnishings.

Ikea as an example sections off areas of their stores and decorates them as if they were an actual bedroom or other type of living space.


If your small bedroom is crowded start removing items or furniture until the room starts to feel more comfortable.

One of the biggest mistakes when decorating a compact space is overcrowding the room.

Also, the only way you will be able to decide on whether a room is cramped would be by adding furniture and living in it then start removing pieces that seem to be in your way.

For those who are renters and afraid of loosing your damage deposit you might try painting your small space using the colors you like with the intention of repainting the walls to the original color when you move out.

Using an eggshell or satin sheen along with cooler colors such as a lighter green or blue can make smaller bedroom walls seem farther away. Applying a darker color to one wall can also add the impression of depth to a room.

Having more muted colored furniture with sharp bright walls and a lighter ceiling tone visually expands a rooms size. Splashes of color in a white room or accents of white in a monochromatic bedroom along with repeating patterns shades and styles works well when adding to your decorating ideas for a small bedroom.

Specialty paint finishes like vertical or horizontal stripes make a room look taller or longer. Throwing in a tiny bit of black can also accentuates an area that's being decorated.

Borders are well suited as one of the better decorating ideas for a small bedroom.

A wallpaper border can add height or length to a wall but shouldn't portray designs that are on the busy side. Using tones, hues and shades from your border makes an excellent palette to pull your wall, trim, fabric and furniture colors from.

Attaching a chair rail can also increase the perception of size in a small space and gives the room a feeling of depth.

Before you start moving furniture into your bedroom draw up a floor plan. Open areas work the best if needed use louvers, curtains, pieces of furniture, plants, paint colors and rugs to divide up your bedroom.

When buying wallpaper keep in mind the rule of horizontal and vertical lines mentioned under paint colors.

When you start to move furniture and decorative items into your bedroom do so one piece at a time stop when the room looks well balanced, open and has space to move freely. Consider adding focal points that use art, lighting, wall decals or stenciling to your list of decorating ideas for a small bedroom.

Having shorter items like a lowered bed or placing taller furniture piece flat against the wall along with using round shaped furniture tends to give a small bedroom more space. Purchasing the wrong sized furniture (either to big or to small) is a common mistake when decorating for compact spaces.

Furniture items should be thinner, made from reflective metals, have mirrors or glass and can be pushed around on wheels. The idea is to make the room look light and airy as opposed to heavy and constrained. Also, try placing your furniture at angles.

Your furniture selection is limited to the size of your room. Fewer and smaller pieces are best when space restricts your creativity and small bedroom expression skills.

Change knobs, add mirrors, use art and be sure the room is balanced and each item flows with your decorating ideas for a small bedroom. Try not to include a piece unless it works with the room and is in sync with the rest of the area.

Install a dimmer switch or screw in some different colored light bulbs. Doing so can create mood or be used for general purposes like watching television or reading.

A bigger window can also make a room look more open. If you don't want to incur the cost of a new window use a little larger size drapes. Just be sure the drapes aren't heavy and layered.

Another trick you might try is to have the curtains or blinds blend into the wall color, blending items into a room can also add size to the area being decorated.

Your bed is in most cases the focal point of your room. Use the color section above to decide on shades, tones and hues for your pillows, shams, fabric, headboard and comforters.

A good rule of thumb when adding to your list of decorating ideas for a small bedroom is the "more floor space you see" the "larger your room will look". Clutter is bad especially in modest spaces.

Use wall shelving, hang items and buy furniture (eg., benches) that has storage areas built right in. Create some drawers or use baskets to utilize wasted space under a bed.

Screw in shelving or dresser type unites to your closet so as to give yourself a little extra living area. To sum it up, furniture and a small bedrooms design should not only be stylish but have some type of functionality.

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