Starting with a theme is the easiest way when decorating a girls bedroom. To help choose that theme have the young lady who lives in the room help you find ideas she may be interested in.

Make a list of all the things she likes, then choose one to build on.

Below are design suggestions and theme ideas to assist you with finding the perfect style for your girl.

Some of the subjects for you to read on the following page include lighting, furniture, borders, paint, fabric, storage and accessories.

Hopefully the information you read below will assist you with decorating a girls bedroom.

If the room has a glass ceiling fixture, replace or paint it (ask your paint dealer). Lamps, shades, switches and plug plates should flow with the theme of a room.

Bean bag chairs and small love seats look wonderful if you have enough space while decorating a girls bedroom.

Any type of border works well in a kids room. Use it to assist you with picking the most appropriate theme and color for his bedroom.

The paint you choose needs to be durable, scrub able and usually semi gloss.

Color on the other hand is limited only to your imagination. When painting, don't forget the doors, trim, and ceiling, while doing your decorating a girls bedroom project.

Rugs, bedding and curtains need colors and designs that flow easily through a room. Stay with the chosen theme. These areas should accentuate the walls and be focal points for the rest of the bedroom.

Rebuild the closet so that it has a dresser on the bottom, shelving on top and a pole for hangers in the middle. Build drawers or have baskets slide from under the bed.

Benches or other wooden furniture should have the ability to store items. Attach a shelving unite to an entire wall. Having a built in desk is also a great decorating a girls bedroom idea.

The type of knickknacks you add to the bedroom depends on what theme was selected. Use the internet and your local library for inspiration.


  • Actors, characters (TV, movies, books)
  • Animals
  • Beach
  • Cartoons
  • Collectibles
  • Colorful insects
  • Countries
  • Fantasy, fairytale
  • Flowers, garden
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Nautical
  • Scenery
  • Seasons
  • Sports
  • Stuffed animals, toys, dolls

Concentrate on the theme when decorating a girls bedroom. Your local library or the internet is a great place for guidance. As an example, if your daughter likes figure skating, research the sport. By doing so you'll have a better idea for murals, fauxs or stenciling projects.

Also with your new found information, you'll be able to select accessories, colors, shapes and phrases that are used in the world of tripple sow cows, double axles, and toe loops.


If you're looking for a designing ideas other than decorating a girls bedroom. Click the home link. You should be able to find a decorating project by reading the text. If I've missed something or you'd like to ask a question please e-mail me. Your address will be held in the strictest confidence. I'll also try to answer you in as prompt a manner as possible.