Cracks in my stucco house

by Linda


The exterior of my house is stucco and over the years the stucco has begun to crack.

Some of the cracks are hair line while others are much larger in size (1/4" or so).

Im wondering as to what would be the best process for fixing the cracks.

I would also like to know if I could paint the stucco once the repairs are done along with what type of product would you recomend for painting the stucco in the first place.

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Oct 14, 2010
Stucco house cracks
by: Shawn the painter

Hi Linda,

Paint-able caulking works well, along with a paint product called elastomeric. If the cracks are small, elastomeric works best.

Elasomeric paints in most cases are by far the most recomended product to put on a stucco house. With that said some Painting Contractors say they have had issues with elastomeric paints depending on environmental conditions.

Larger cracks will require one or more applications of paint-able caulking. Use a small amount of caulking, with your finger smooth it out and blend the caulking into the texture of the stucco. Let it dry then re-apply as needed.

Excessively large cracks might require re-stuccoing. A Stuccoing Contractor would be able to give you advice on the need to re-stucco or not. If one contractor says you need re-stuccoing, get a price from him/her. Its always a good idea to have three or more opinions along with as many prices prior to doing the job though.

Your paint retailer or home improvement centre should be able to help you select the best products to use in relation to type of project and weather conditions in your area.

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