Choosing colors and sheens along with calculating dimensions of the rooms being painted can be accomplished with the help of some free online tools.

measuring a room choosing colors

Such tools will assist you in selecting both interior and exterior tones, hues or shades.
Below you will find software tools for calculating a rooms size or surface area along with help when selecting interior or exterior paint colors and sheens.

By using the tools you will know the dimensions of your room or other type of surface so that you can easily estimate material needs for completing all of your selected DIY projects.

Further more, after your job is finished, you might want to follow the advice for mixing or combining any left over paint you might have hanging around. Of course you'll want to save some of it for touch ups before doing so.

Interior color selector

Choosing paint colors and sheens for the interior of your home can be a daunting task. With the help from some online color selecting tools this page makes your process of choosing colors that much easier.

Exterior color selector
Are you a traditionalist or maybe you prefer bold colors when it comes to exterior painting projects. On the color selection page there are links to an assortment of charts and samples.

By using the charts you will find tones hues and shades, to help get those outer surfaces of your home painted.

Bedroom decorating colors
Advice for choosing your bedroom colors. Selecting colors can at times be a challenge, this page should help.

Bathroom paint colors
Information on how to pick your bathroom paint colors along with the proper sheen (finish) selection when dealing with high humidity areas.

Wood stain color charts
If you need interior or exterior stain color selection advice then the color samples page for staining should be what your looking for.

Selecting a paint sheen
It’s not easy choosing a paint sheen (finish) for the rooms and surfaces of your home. Eggshell, semi-gloss, or satin. Bathrooms, bedrooms and floors. What's the best sheen or gloss level to use with the specific project being done.

Deciding on paint finishes
More how to advice for selecting the best paint finishes, sheens or gloss levels for the specific project that you are doing.

Measuring rooms and areas
Surface areas need to be estimated when decorating or remodelling a room. From door height, to square footage along with the linear length of trim. Knowing dimensions before buying paint, wallpaper or crown moulding will save you both time and money.

Mixing or combining paints
Most of us have leftover paint in the garage or hiding under the stairwell. You might also come across some miss-tints but the colors aren't to your liking.

Paints can be mixed together creating more desirable colors and sheens for the project at hand.

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On the home page you will find navigation buttons such as ask a question along with interior or exterior projects and ideas.

Using the navigation bar should help find what you need or project your looking for.