Ceiling flaking and peeling

We had a decorator in to do our hall. There wr a couple of cracks in ceiling which he filled rubbed down and painted. But the area keeps peeling back . He has repeated 3. Times , same result.
Could it be the filler and paint reacting

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Nov 14, 2016

by: Shawn & Donna


Yes there could be an issue with incompatibility of products used. As an example some plastered walls require repairs being done with fillers recommended for plaster as oppose to using drywall mud.

Also, the ceilings surface could be having some type of chemical or PH reaction to either the filer or the paint. Moisture or humidity could be the problem too (even the slightest amount).

Once moisture or humidity is ruled out I would recommend throughly cleaning away any loose pealing paint or powdered looking residue that may be seen on the surface. You should then use a solvent based filler rather than a water based one (fast drying fillers, 20 minutes or less, tend to be solvent based). Keep in mind that solvent based fillers are much harder than water based ones so proper application is important.

After filling, prime with a solvent based primer. To be on the safe side a solvent based paint could be used after priming but a water based one should also work.

Keep in mind too that if everything is pealing away right down to a raw surface (the drywall or plaster) then the problem is with the surface not binding with either the filler or the primer.

So with that said if after doing what I have mentioned above, the surface still peals, then removing the area that's pealing (right down the the studs) followed by re-boarding, taping, mudding, priming and painting, would be my next recommendation.

Unless of course the surface is plaster which would require removing the old pealing plaster and re-plastering etc.

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