When decorating a boys room it's best to focus on a theme or some type of wallpaper border (toy or artwork etc.) to build the rooms design idea around.

As an example, pull colors from a wallpaper borders graphics to inspire your choice of wall and other surface colors.

For example, with an army type border you could use the same khaki colors on walls while accessorizing the area with a green tent style bed. Adding shelving for small soldiers, tanks, jeeps and army personal carriers will also enhance the rooms look.

Furthermore, sticking with one theme or style will keep the area balanced because the furniture or wall colors etc., have some type of relationship to each other.

Below you will find a list of decorating ideas along with a few suggested design themes.


To make things a little easier start by thinking about each individual item that's in a room as a possible color palette and theme inspiration for the entire area.

What I'm saying is, if you see a light shade (or piece of furniture etc.,) that you like buy it. Using the shade pull colors and ideas from it when purchasing other items for the room. With that said, be sure that the shade you choose has decorating potential (otherwise boring shade boring room).

    If the area has a ceiling fixture replace it or apply some heat resistant paint to the shade (ask your paint dealer). Lamps, switches and plug plates should also flow with a theme (color or style wise) when decorating a boys room.

    Bean bag chairs and small love seats look wonderful if you have enough space. Spending some money on a new boys bed to use as your focal point is another option.

    Any type of border works well in a kids room. Use it to assist you with picking the most appropriate theme and color for his bedroom.

  • PAINT:
    The paint you choose needs to be durable, scrub-able and usually semi gloss. Color on the other hand is limited only to your imagination. When painting, don't forget the doors, trim and ceiling while doing your decorating scheme.

    Rugs, boys bedding and drapes need colors and designs that flow easily through a room. Stay with a chosen theme while accentuating the walls, creating focal points for the rest of the bedroom.

    Rebuild the closet so that it has a dresser on the bottom, shelving on top and a hanger pole in the middle. Build or buy a bed with drawers or baskets which slide from underneath the bed itself. Benches and other types of wooden furniture should incorporate storage in their design along with attaching a shelving unit, built in desk or window box to a wall.

    The type of knick knacks or artwork you add to your boys room project either depends on the theme you have selected or you can use one specific item to build the room around. Use the Internet and your local library for inspiration.


Of course, there are far more themes than the ones that follow. To find more design ideas you might want to use your favorite search engine and the words boys room themes or teen room themes. Including the word images will also bring back a number of cool pictures to look at.

  • Army, Navy, Air force, Marines
  • Astronomy
  • Cars, Trucks, Buses
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Comic Book Characters
  • Construction
  • Dinosaurs
  • Mid evil Times
  • Primary Colours
  • Science
  • Ships
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Trains
  • TV, Movie, Music etc. (personalities)
  • Jungle, Forest

  • Some themes are much easier to implement, do keep in mind that finding decor items for astronomy for example would be a lot easier than building a room around a specific musician or Hollywood star. If you're the shopping type though there can be as much (or more) fun in the searching as there is in the decorating process.


    Use your imagination when designing a boys room and concentrate on the theme. Retail stores, your local library or the Internet are a great place for inspiration. As an example, if your son likes skate boarding, research the sport.

    By doing so you'll have a better idea for colors, murals or stenciling projects.

    Also with your new found information, you will be able to select accessories, shapes and phrases (for the walls) that are used in the world of ollies, grinders and one eighties.

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