First up are a few books on decorating interior rooms. The following eBooks that I suggest are designed to be read from your computer.

books on decorating interior

I'm sure you've heard of the the Ipad, Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

The eBooks below are in the same format but load onto your computer (which most people have) as oppose to an eReader (that fewer people own).

If your not familiar with eBooks they are a low priced version of a regular book the difference is eBooks are digital. Most eBooks are well priced because you don't have to pay for paper, labour, ink, or shipping.

Keep in mind though,that you can download eBooks to a disc and take them to Kinko's or any other Commercial Printer.

Kinkos will create a low priced excellent paper copy if that's what you prefer.

After my eBook suggestions you will find helpful hints on how to search the Internet for other types of books on decorating.

Home Decorating Made Easy!
If your looking for over a 1000 pictures and tons of content. Marney Makridakis and Michael Holland don't hold back with the goodies.

Their step by step books on decorating interior rooms are simple to follow and designed for those who are short on time and budget conscious.

Paint Color Cheat Sheets!
Interested in a guide to help narrow down your color choices, Yelna Kublitski who is a fellow Painting Contractor offers just the thing. She calls it Paint Color Cheat Sheets and they are an easy to use set of tools for color selection.

The guides are built around Sherwin Williams colors but all the tones, hues, and shades given can be matched by virtually any other paint manufacturer.

26 Feng Shui Secrets!
Want to learn more about the art of using Feng Shui decorating. Raymond Woo has written an excellent and unbelievably easy to follow eBook called 26 Feng Shui Secrets.

Raymonds website offers chapter one of his eBook giving you the first of those secrets for free.

Beach Style Decorating!
Are you interested in bringing the beach into your own home. Check out Susies Hambletons Website. Susie's a Designer specializing in beach style decorating.

She offers you an eBook along with two months of free interior design help. You'll be able to send her eMailed pictures and all of the decorating questions you would like.

The above websites offer loads of information on there eBooks and you will find them excellent value costing less than a gallon of good quality paint. All the authors also give you a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason your not satisfied with your purchase.


Need books on decorating interior rooms or any other book subject for that matter. Or are you interested in finding the lowest price when buying books you choose. If so, use a Google, Yahoo or Bing search box and the advice I give below to compare prices from hundreds of on-line book sellers.


When searching for books on decorating be very specific as to your request. Also, try placing phrase inside of quotation marks. As an example, one of the best books I have ever read on painting is "The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating" created for Black and Decker by Creative Publishing.

What I did to locate this book and not have to pay top price was type the books title "The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating" using " " around my request in the search box.

interior design books

By doing so, I received a large list of book sellers to assist me with my selection. I then clicked on the links to the book sellers, looked at each offer and decided that a used one, in new condition, ended up being under $ 3.00.+ shipping and was what I wanted.

Another tip to use, is to type inside the search box a subject (e.g, decorating) along with a books, title, ISPN #, or authors name, or use words and phrases such as used, cheap, bargain, best price, low cost, economy with the words book and review in your searches.

Other symbols that can be used for your book search include the + and - signs. As an example, if you type in the search box "bargain books" + decorating + painting + interior+rooms - magazines your search will return web sites with pages dedicated to the phrase "bargain books" because it's in quotations (""). The returned site pages (if there are any) will also have the words decorating, painting, and interior rooms contained in there sentences because of the "+" signs. You should not find the word magazine on the site pages due to the "-" sign.

By doing the above search methods you may need to spend a little time finding a combination of words and symbols (or lack of them) that works best for you.

Even so, with a little practice you will easily locate books on decorating interior rooms along with the best priced book your looking for. Whether it's painting techniques or making money on the Internet.

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