Before applying paint to the walls decide on a style for your master bedroom expression project.

Build your room around the theme and colors of a favorite collectible, picture or piece of furniture.

If you need inspiration search for items by attending garage sales, flee markets, auctions, art galleries and antique stores.

All it takes is a single sculpture or accessory to assist with implementing your decorating idea.

The designing advice you find below consists of sections discussing paint, borders, decorating, furniture, accessories, lighting fabrics and storage.

Hopefully you will find and idea for the master bedroom expression that your looking for.

Using neutrals and soft pastels with an eggshell or satin sheen works well when painting a master bedroom expression project for your walls. Darker colors have a romantic feel while bright tones make a room fun and daring.

A border is suited for most master bedroom decorating ideas. Crown molding and wallpaper borders are especially elegant when used along with other elements of a designed bedroom expression. Browsing the wallpaper borders collection of a paint or wallpaper store is also an excellent way to get inspiration for colors and style.

Draw up a floor plan prior to moving the furniture. Also, view the assortment of bedroom decorating advice and pictures that are available from your local library, book store or on the Internet. Visiting furniture showrooms for assistance with decorating techniques and design ideas would be another idea to utilize.

Your furniture selection is limited to the size of your room. Fewer and smaller pieces are best when space constraint restricts your creativity and bedroom expression skills. Larger areas need bigger and higher furniture such as chairs, desks and canopies to fill large voids or to eliminate the feel of emptiness.

When adding knick knacks be sure each item flows with your decorating idea. Try not to include a piece, unless it works well and is in balance with the rest of your room.

Attaching a dimmer switch to the lights can create mood or be used for a general purposes lighting situation. Directional lighting can highlight paintings or a piece of art. Lamps are needed for reading and watching television.

Ceiling fans, although disliked by most designers, cool down a room and help lower the cost of a homes air conditioning.

The fabrics you choose for your bedroom expression should add texture and feel to the room. Your bed is usually the focal point so deciding on colors for pillows, shams and comforters should be one of the first steps when applying a design idea.

Curtains and blinds that blend in and almost vanish add size to a room.

Heavy layered drapes look best when used in larger spaces. Implementing coordinating lamp shades, padded covered headboards and throw rugs will show off your decorating skills.

Build drawers or use baskets to utilize wasted space under a bed. Adding shelving, dresser unites and cabinets to a closet will give you some extra living area. In most situations unless a room is large the majority of furniture in a bedroom should have both functionality and style.


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