Inspiration for bedroom design ideas should start with a theme or by choosing pieces of furniture to build your style upon.

Furthermore, artwork and elements that are already in the room can be used for guidance. Flooring for instance can't always be replaced and it's color or style should be taken into consideration when decorating.

Keep in mind to that art galleries, furniture stores, antique retailers, flea markets or garage sales could all have just the piece your looking for. Only one item is needed to get started with your bedroom design ideas.

Also, once you've selected artwork or furniture pieces consider how your chosen style will flow with the entire home.

As an example, do you want paint colors along with artwork to be consistent from room to room or should rooms compliment each other. Then again, would areas of your home that are complete opposites be more to your liking.


Including a wallpaper border as one of your bedroom design ideas adds that little extra something to the room.

Wallpapering a feature wall or the entire bedroom for that matter will give you a color palate. Use the palate for choosing fabrics, furniture and flooring.

Keep in mind to that wallpaper is also the perfect place to start when trying to decide on a design theme or style.


Attaching wainscoting, crown molding or chair rail will add elegance to the room. Changing the stain color of your woodwork or applying some paint can also make a bold statement or mellow the look of your room.


Always use a good quality paint especially in the kids rooms. Top of the line paints have durability and tend to clean better than cheaper products.

Colors should be selected according to your design ideas theme or style. Also, your selected colors should flow and coordinate with other elements in the room.

Furthermore, don't forget that due to taste or practicality rooms may need to change in style over time. What I mean is bolder tones, hues and shades can become dated and your children will quickly grow out of softer pastel colors.

Always try to choose colors depending on how long you can live with them.

When picking colors remember that certain shades can make a room look larger or smaller and darker colors can be romantic while bright tones make a room cheerful enjoyable.

If your not sure about a certain color you like, use it on a feature wall first. Repainting one wall is easier than having to re-coat an entire room

Along with color comes sheen or the gloss of a paints finish. Most bedroom design ideas recommend an eggshell or satin. Kids rooms on the otherhand see more wear and tear requiring paint that has some shine to it. With that said, newer high end paints can have less sheen than older formulations but are just as durable. Of course with extra durability comes extra cost.

For inspiration check out the faux painting section of this website along with wall stripping techniques and color blocking ideas.


You can use dimmer switches along with a sound system to set the mood of your bedroom giving it a relaxing or romantic feel. Brighter lamps keep you from fumbling around in the dark and help with reading or watching TV. Directional lights emphasize paintings or artwork and ceiling fans can cut down on the cooling bill.


Furniture pieces for your bedroom design ideas include a canopy or four poster bed, desk, night stand, chairs, old chests, dressers, an armoire and last but not least don't forget the perfect headboard and bedroom set.

When selecting a mattress set a budget but don't buy something so cheap that you can't sleep on it

Keep in mind to that compact rooms need fewer and smaller pieces, while larger areas require bigger and higher furniture.

Prior to buying the furniture draw up your floor plan. Measure areas and mark off where doors and windows will be along with the type of furniture you would like to include.


Bedroom fabrics consist of the blinds or curtains, duvets, quilts, comforters, matching sheets, bed skirts and pillowcases.

Decorative pillows can also be used along with a rug around your bed if you have wood floors. Remember to that hanging tapestry on the wall in lieu of artwork will change the feel to your room.

Beds tend to be the focal point of your bedroom so deciding on colors for pillows, shams and comforters should be one of the first steps when applying your bedroom design ideas. Furthermore, windows can be covered with curtains or blinds that blend in to the walls almost vanishing which adds to the rooms size. Heavy layered drapes on the other hand look best when used in larger spaces.

Implementing coordinating lamp shades, and padded or covered headboards will show off your interior design skills.


Beds with built-in shelves or drawers, armoires, chests, a lidded bench and wicker or other type baskets all work well as storage pieces. Bookcases can be used to along with a desk or place to sit.

Other things to remember include don't put to much stuff in your room, place containers under the bed, attach shelving to the walls and implement multi drawer-ed dressers or cabinets in your closet.

While organizing your bedroom functionality is the key when storage is an issue.


Bedrooms for most people are a refuge or place to escape the outside world. Silence and solitude are important along with making the room a relaxing retreat.

For the best bedroom design ideas set a budget then use suggestions and help from other home owners, furniture retailers, magazines, publications, public places, watching television, the library, websites and book stores.

If your budget conscious, choose a style or theme that lasts along with using smaller, less expensive items that you can easily change periodically. Also, reuse pieces you have, by redecorating or painting them.

Doing the work in small increments helps money wise to but can make your home look incomplete or un-finished.


Implement family photographs, mirrors and artwork including paintings, drawings or a sculpture. Personal touches like small collections or other knick knacks can also be important.


Prior to applying your bedroom design ideas do a through cleaning of the flooring, drapes/curtains or other surfaces and items that might be re-used. Also, remember to organize dressers, armoires and storage unites. When re-decorating take the opportunity to clean the room thoroughly along with having a basic budget for your project.


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