Selecting bedroom decorating colors, can in most cases be the easiest colors to choose in your home.

Many people might disagree with me but when painting a bedroom, the palette to use for color selection, is usually right in front of our eyes.

What I mean by that is, a bedroom has not only carpet, drapes and quilts but furniture, or trim to pull colors from,

and of course a bedroom is usually one of the smaller rooms of a home and there for a good place to start an interior decorating project.

Colors?... Colors?... Colors?...who's got the colors?...

If on the other hand you dislike most of the items in your bedroom, then the first place to start is by purchasing something that has some colors in it, with that done, build your bedrooms color scheme, around your chosen item. As an example, drapes or a valances are great to start with.

Find a drape or valance you like, preferably one that has been designed using three or more shades, tones, and hues, then have some of the colors in the drapes, color matched with the help of your local paint store.

After the color match is done, use your matches to buy wall paint, after buying the wall paint, match new bed coverings, throw rugs and knick knacks to the other colors in the drapes.

Wallpaper is another great place to get colors, along with pieces of art. Something else to consider might be those antique night stands you seen at the flee market, as they could work well to build a bedroom theme around.

Use this Color selecting link along with Master bedroom link to help you decide on bedroom decorating colors or design themes.

Both of these links go to pages on this site and should help with your selection of bedroom decorating colors.

Also the color selection page will take you to some on-line tools for choosing an assortment of paint colors, while the decorating a master bedroom section, gives advice from bedroom colors and lighting, to ways for adding a little extra storage to your sleeping area.


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