Learning some basic carpentry skills is in most cases an integral part of the painting and decorating process.

From putting up crown molding, attaching baseboards or finishing and re-finishing all types of woodwork. Below you will find how to help including a number of free DIY woodworking carpentry projects and tool purchasing advice.

By reading a book or two and a few of the pages below hopefully you'll find a few easy to learn skills, ideas or concepts that you might not have known before.

Woodworking projects

Needs some tips for your woodworking projects, including basic carpentry advice along with preparation of your wood and hints for the proper clear-coating (varnishing) process. You will also find links to free and paid for plans and projects.

Wood stain color charts
Want to see on-line color charts or wood stain samples so that you can narrow down your selection. Stains may not come in as many tones hues or shades as paint but you still have a number of colors to choose from.

Wood banister
Clear-coating or painting banisters / hand rails is one of my most favorite project to take on. If you are coating a banister there are specific techniques followed equipment used and products purchased.

Staining unfinished kitchen cabinets & doors/trim
Advice for buying the proper type of interior wood stains to use. Recommended tools and easiest materials to apply are discussed along with set up and staining how to help.

Clear-coating unfinished kitchen cabinet sets
Proper clear coating (varnishing) of your unfinished kitchen cabinet sets involves quality equipment and application products. From brushing your product on to the best use of a paint sprayer.

How to stain a door
Staining wood doors whether your refinishing or working with brand new raw wood involves certain procedures to follow. Doing so will make the project much easier and more enjoyable to complete.

Brushing clear-coat & wood door refinishing
Brushing clear-coat (or varnish) on your doors is the best way to re-furbish them. Just be sure to use the proper procedures, products, tools and materials to get the job done right.

Spraying clear-coat on doors
Oak, maple, beach, alder or pine wood doors require a top or finish coat to protect them from wear and environmental conditions. Are you spraying, wiping your brushing a clear-coat on. You'll need to decide what works best for your particular situation.

Reading a tape measurer
Basic carpentry along with certain wall painting techniques involves the use of a tape measurer. Learning best practices for tape measurer usage will in most cases save you time and money.

Painting or priming mdf
When it comes to woodworking at some point you the DIY carpenter will have to use medium density fiber board or MDF. Once your project is built you will need to prime or paint it.

Crown instalation molding (moulding)
Installation of crown molding or moulding as they call it in Britain is an excellent way to enhance the look of a room. Even so, working with crown molding is not the easiest job for one to take on.

Baseboard installing
Baseboard installing is one of the simplest basic carpentry skills that you'll need to learn. Keep in mind though that hardwoods such as oak or maple etc., are the most difficult woods to cut due to the precise sawing that's required.

Coating baseboards or other types of wood trim
Trim such as baseboards, chair railing and other types of wood molding require top coating so as to protect its surface. You will need to choose a brushing, rolling or spraying process to complete the job.


For more information on learning basic carrpentry skills Black and Decker's Carpentry For Home Owners has easy to follow step by step instructions.

Black and Decker tools would not be on my most recommended list but I have found most of their books including the Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement to be very well illustrated and informative.

Amazon is of course a good place to buy books due to having lower costs and I also like to scroll down the page to read their product or book review section.

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