When deciding on a baby nursery idea, be sure your plans are flexible enough to last through a child's younger years.

Certain styles maybe fine for an infant but not suitable for toddlers or growing children.

Also, being as the baby cannot appreciate your design skills, implement items and colors that will appeal more to you than to the little one.

Your local library, along with the Internet and book stores are a great place for guidance and decorating techniques.

Below you will find information regarding themes, lighting a babies room, types of furniture, paint to use, borders, fabric, storage and accsesories.

Hopefully you will find the baby nursery idea your looking for.

Lamps and shades should follow your baby nursery "idea" or design theme. Night lights and dimmer switches will help with evening feedings etc. It would be uncomfortable for both you and the baby if a midnight diaper change involved a glaring light from the ceiling fixture.

Take note of where a crib is situated. Direct sun or street lighting and drafty windows may wake a child before they receive a restful sleep.

A rocking chair can sooth the baby but it's more for your comfort. Select one that flows with the room and is relaxing when you sit in it.

Cribs and furniture, old or new should be checked for safety concerns prior to using. Information can be found on the Internet along with contacting your appropriate government agency. There are guidelines regarding crib slats, paint coating, corner posts and mattress size etc.

Some cribs will grow with the baby and can be turned into a twin bed. Newer change tables can also convert to dressers.

Choose furniture pieces that have styles, colors and designs that are difficult for a child to grow out of and can't be knocked over when a child begins to crawl around the room.

Playpens, monitors, wash tubs, diaper pails, gates, car seats, high chairs along with crib and change table bumpers or pads are a few extra items you may need for your baby nursery idea.

Borders work well in a baby's room, either close to the ceiling or used to divide the middle of a room.

Borders help to assist with finding the most appropriate theme, style or color prior to decorating. After deciding on a border you may want to use it around a door or window to enhance your decorating style.

The paint you choose needs to be durable, scrub-able and usually (but not always) semi-gloss. Color on the other hand is limited only to your imagination, yet in some cases may need to last an entire childhood. When painting, don't forget the doors, trim and ceiling.

Try to have someone do the painting for your baby nursery idea before the child comes home. Some paint fumes can be harmful to both the expectant mother and the little one.

Rugs, bedding and curtains need colors and designs that flow easily through a room. Fabrics should also stay with the chosen theme, accentuate the walls and be focal points for the rest of your baby nursery idea.

Keep safety in mind to, window covering that touches the floor for example can be a danger to a toddler if s/he pulls on them.

Rebuild the closet so that it has a dresser on the bottom, shelving on top and a pole for hangers in the middle. Furniture should have the ability to store items and be usable no matter how old the child is.

Attach a shelving unit to an entire wall. Your objective is to have areas not just for shoes and clothing but toys and baby needs such as diapers, washcloths, towels, and shampoo etc.

Changing accessories as the infant grows is easier than redecorating an entire room.

Choose economical, well built items that flow with an areas theme or style. Be sure to include pictures, mobiles, knick knacks and a clock with your baby nursery idea.


  • Animals.
  • Aquatic.
  • Characters, (Movie, Cartoons, Books, TV).
  • Colorfull Insects.
  • Dinosaurs.
  • Fantasy, Fairytale.
  • Flowers, Garden.
  • Jungle.
  • Mural.
  • Nature.
  • Scenery.
  • Seasons.
  • Spiritual.
  • Sports.
  • Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Toys.

For something different use a faux technique or mural on the walls, furniture or ceilings. Try not to limit yourself to just baby themes colors or styles. The room is as much for you as it is for them. Time will pass quickly and your child will soon grow from toddler to teenager.


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