From Painting Contractor
To A Sitesell Web Site Owner away my trade secrets on a Sitesell website.

So!... How does a guy who’s a painting contractor end up building a web site, especially when the web site he builds gives away free painting and decorating advice.

One would think that when it comes to business decisions giving away the company secrets is in most cases not on the to do list of your average business owner.

Hi, my name is Shawn, and I live in a small farming community called Bow Island. Bow Island is about three hours or so out side of Calgary Alberta, Canada, those of you who are winter Olympics or rodeo fans will have heard of Calgary. My little town is just between the cities of Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta.

I've been making a living in the painting and decorating industry for a long time and was doing well up until our community was hit by drought and then BSE came along. In the beginning mad cow disease (what BSE is commonly known as) didn't effect my business but my wife owned a local department store.

Retail sales started to slow down right away. For the first little while my income was pulling us through, what we thought would be a small dip in our take home pay. Well as you can guess, it didn't work out that way. A good many of our customers for both my wife’s store and my painting business where farmers and ranchers and in no time both our businesses where starting to feel the pinch.

Good, bad - or in between.

My wife and I understood that we needed to do something to fix the loss of income so we moved her store to a building with cheaper overhead. She reduced the store hours, and took on two more jobs. My business in time recovered but we did end up closing the store.

Anyways, one day I didn't have a painting project scheduled so I decided to go along with my wife to the city of Lethbridge.

I like to read, novels, poetry, cereal boxes it doesn’t really matter to me. I'm one of those people who has the constant desire to learn. From Shakespeare to old recipes, no mater what the subject I can usually find something of interest in most printed material.

While in the city I went to one of those mega book stores. If your a book lover like myself, you know what it's like to walk into a big old monster building full of paperbacks, hard covers and magazines. I wandered the isles looking at this and that, not really staying in one section to long. After about an hour, I found a chair and sat down. While sitting I saw a book that looked interesting, so I walked over and picked it up.

Researching what to do.

Now, I’m not a computer guy and this book discussed how to build a web site for your business. In fact, the book talked not only about bringing in more customers by building a web site but also suggested using the site itself to accumulate a little extra cash. Well at that time I was definitely interested in more customers and even if the site didn’t supply me with a few more paint jobs I thought building a Site for my painting business would at least give me something to do when I wasn’t painting, so I bought the book.

After taking the book home and reading it, I realized the first thing I needed to do, was to get more familiar with the computer. The first time I used a type writer was in junior high school, I barely knew how to switch on a monitor, never mind using the computer to bring in more work and make some extra money.

What the heck is www.

With my little blue site building book in hand and a certain amount of apprehension, I used my son's computer and began the process of learning a little more about the world wide web. With the help of the book and by applying a keystroke or two, I found a search engine and began what I thought would be my path to wealth and fortune.

"Ok maybe not fortune
but a little wealth sure wouldn’t hurt ".

Using dial up eternity, along with the Goggle search box, I was transported to information overload. "Build your own web site" and "Make money on the web" it seems are very popular subjects. How does one choose? Where should a non net savvy guy like me start? I realized that I was going to need some more guidance from my little blue book.

The book offered a number of www's to assist me in my path to building a site and starting an internet business.

Finding the answer.

I typed a few URLs (web site addresses) into the search box and was surprised to find a recurring notice. Site not found. It didn’t take long to realize the vast amount of web knowledge acquired from my newly purchased little blue book, was out of date.

I'm not saying all the sites I looked for were gone, but the sites that did come up, after typing their internet address in the search box, looked alarmingly like some kind of scam or rip off.

All except one, and it was one that I had almost missed. Dr, Ken Evoy’s SiteSell. I key stroked the URL in and there he was.

Sure enough, this Dr. Ken fellow said It was possible to create a site, whether I had an existing business or not and if the web site I built was created around a passion or subject I was familiar with, I would make money but, there was a catch, it wouldn't happen over night. In fact, he claimed a good amount of effort was needed on my part. The page explained that I'd have to do some reading and be able to write content, more content, then throw in a little bit extra content.

Writing was definitely not what I would consider as one of my strong points but SiteSell did offer a Net Writing Masters course, that I could down load for free.

Even after reading the Net Writing Masters course, I still held off on purchasing the course (it was a little on the expensive side for me). I was still interested in building a web site, SiteSell did have the opportunity to download a free copy of the SBI Action Guide, the guide is an instruction manual that SBI (SiteBuild) owners use, to build web sites.

After reading the action guide I realized that If I wanted to make money from my own web site, I was going to have to learn about affiliates. SiteSell offered a free Affiliate Masters Course, so, I decided, "what the heck", I might as well read that to.

Now, you may find this hard to believe but if you read all the free courses I mention above, and follow the instructions in them, you will have the tools, to be able to build a money making web site of your choice and end up not giving SiteSell a single cent. Why would they do that you ask? Well it takes me back to the beginning of this page where I talk about giving away the company secrets.

I along with SiteSell hope that by offering you something for free, you will in turn purchase from me or them, when your looking for an item you need, and we just happen to sell.

So, when I found out that I was going to require a web site host (and if you build a website you will need a host) and after checking SBI's (SiteBuild) Case Studies page, along with there Results section, I ended up choosing SiteSell for the job. Selecting SiteSell as my host meant that I would also get there site building program (SiteBuildit), along with a number of other goodies, all of which helped me to easily create my web business.

You on the other-hand may go with another host and site building company. In the end, it’s all up to you, as to how your going to build your internet business. Even so, I’m sure once you compare SBI to other web site building programs you will see that the SiteSell site building system has an assortment of extras that you just don’t get from other web site building companies.

So?... How’s it going now Shawn….

…well as I mentioned earlier, my painting business is doing very well and it now gives me the opportunity to work a little more on my web site. As far as the web site business goes, I’m making money from it and no one is more surprised than me. Not enough to retire from mind you but definitely more than a little extra cash.

Since you have read this far, I think you should get a free-be. Check it out here. Everything you ever wanted to know about buying and selling on the internet. Yup,,,,it's free, after clicking on this link read through the text to the bottom of the page.

Best Regards,

Shawn Sadler.

painting-ideas-techniques. Com

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