Painting how to, home decorating
and color scheme design ideas.

As a contractor who's been in the industry for many years, I've worked on hundreds of homes.

Quality house painters are continually asked how it's possible for them to easily choose colors, finish a project on time and still be able to make the end project look so appealing.

contractor brushing baseboardsWe of course would like you to believe certain skill levels requiring eons of experience are essential.

I'll admit, like any occupation, professional trades people with years of practice have an advantage over the do it yourselfer.

Even so, by using the tools a few times and acquiring a little knowledge, you should easily be able to finish a job in a timely manner.

All of the interior decorating ideas and exterior coating skills that you learn do not involve splicing neurons intelligence or juggling cobras dexterity, (painter jokes) so you will do just fine.

Now if you wanted to air brush some clouds onto the top of Mount Rushmore or add a few tones, hues and shades to the Golden Gate Bridge, you might then need the help of a Pro (bad painter jokes).

What you will learn

All of the style selection help, along with interior decorating ideas, design assistance or exterior project guidance you see on this website is free of charge, (kind of scary hearing a contractor say free of charge) and should be of great benefit.

From decorating kids rooms, to doing a quick job of those walls, what you learn will shorten the time spent designing your home and make the process a lot more enjoyable.

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This of course is for your surfing pleasure. Which makes me an extremely nice fellow, how about nice fellow, OK fine we'll go with fellow.

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Do you live in the Southern Alberta (Lethbridge, Taber, Bow Island, Seven Persons, or Medicine Hat areas) and require a contractor to complete a faux finish or do a paint job for you. Maybe you have a handy man project that needs to be done.

If so, use this free estimate link to help you out.

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